22. June 2023

Breitscheidplatz since 1892


Your hotel at Breitscheidplatz: In the heart of Berlin

Are you looking for a hotel in Berlin Charlottenburg? Then you’ve come to the right place! Located just a few meters away from the historic Breitscheidplatz, you will stay here in the heart of the capital city. Important attractions such as the Gedächtniskirche, Kurfürstendamm, and the Zoological Garden are easily accessible. Book your accommodation here at the hotel on Kudamm for the best price!

The history of Breitscheidplatz in Berlin

The Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, located near your Hotel, is the western counterpart to the Alexanderplatz in the eastern part of Berlin. Here, you will find the famous Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, whose tower suffered significant damage during World War II. As a memorial, it was left in its damaged state and continues to be an impressive and historically significant addition to the Berlin skyline.

From Gutenbergplatz to Auguste-Viktoria-Platz

Until the year 1892, the Breitscheidplatz was named Gutenbergplatz after the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg. From 1892 to 1947, it was known as Auguste-Viktoria-Platz, named after the German Empress. The square formed the circular center of the intersecting streets Budapester Straße, Tauentzienstraße, Rankestraße, Kurfürstendamm, Kantstraße, and Hardenbergstraße. It marked the western beginning of a series of boulevards and ornamental squares known as the Generalzug.

The Romanesque Forum

The construction of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche began in 1891, and shortly thereafter, two buildings in the same architectural style were built facing each other. They were both called the “Romanisches Haus” and were located directly on the square. The house on the west side of the square was completed in 1896, and the competing house across the square was finished in 1899. Since 1965, it has housed the Europa-Center. In addition, the famous Romanisches Café opened here in 1916, which became a meeting place for literary figures for decades. The ensemble of the two buildings was known as the Romanisches Forum.

New image as Breitscheidplatz

During World War II, not only the “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche” but also the surrounding buildings on the Breitscheidplatz were heavily destroyed. On July 31, 1947, the square was renamed to its current name, in memory of Rudolf Breitscheid, a Social Democrat persecuted by the Nazis. The subsequent reconstruction led to a significantly altered appearance of the Breitscheidplatz. The road layout was changed, and the square was no longer a major traffic junction. From 1978 onwards, efforts were made to improve the utilization and quality of the square. Thanks to the pedestrian area, the Breitscheidplatz is now fully accessible along the Tauentzienstraße.

Development since the 2000s

The former underground tunnel of Budapester Straße, which ran beneath the Breitscheidplatz, was filled in from 2005. Additionally, the square received a new pavement, lighting, and landscaping to become more pedestrian-friendly. Since the 2010s, the City West area as a whole has regained focus in terms of urban development and investment, with the Breitscheidplatz serving as its center. Landmarks such as the 119-meter-high Zoofenster with the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Berlin, the Upper West Hotel, the Bikini-Haus, and the Zoo Palast cinema exemplify this revitalization. Further extensive investments are planned for the coming years.

Breitscheidplatz Berlin

FAQ – Questions?

How to get to Breitscheidplatz?

The nearest S-Bahn and U-Bahn station to Breitscheidplatz is Zoologischer Garten. From there, you can take the S-Bahn lines S5, S7, or S75, or the U-Bahn lines U1, U2, U9, or U15. The station is well-connected and allows for easy access to other parts of the city.

How long do I walk?

4 Minutes

Sights at Breitscheidplatz

If you are looking for a hotel near Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz, you’ve come to the right place! Located just a few meters away from the historic square, you will stay in the heart of the city. Important attractions such as the Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church), Kurfürstendamm, and the Berlin Zoo are easily accessible. Book your accommodation at Hotel Berlin Breitscheidplatz here for the best price!

The Breitscheidplatz area is known for its diverse architectural styles, giving it a unique and characteristic charm. The prominent landmarks include the Gedächtniskirche, also known as the Memorial Church, and the Europacenter. The Europacenter offers a wide range of shopping options, dining establishments, and office spaces across its 22 floors. Don’t miss the rotating Mercedes star on its rooftop, which serves as a helpful orientation point. The popular Stachelschwein-Kabarett (porcupine cabaret) is also located here.

The war-damaged ruins of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche are worth a visit. Known as the “hollow tooth,” it stands as an important memorial from the outside. The interior has been fully restored and can be visited for worship and sightseeing. You can purchase tickets either at your Hotel Berlin Gedächtniskirche or directly at the entrance of the building.

Within walking distance from your hotel in Berlin City West, you’ll find the magnificent Kurfürstendamm, the Berlin Zoo, and the famous KaDeWe department store. Take a leisurely stroll along the renowned Kurfürstendamm, which is connected to Tauentzienstraße and Wittenbergplatz. At Wittenbergplatz, you’ll find the legendary KaDeWe, Berlin’s most famous department store.

In the vicinity of your hotel, the Berlin Europacenter, you can also enjoy other highlights such as the lush greenery of Tiergarten Park, the Zoologischer Garten with its World Fountain, the “Golden Riss” memorial commemorating the terrorist attack on the Christmas market in 2017, and the modern shopping center Bikini Berlin, which hosts various events.

Are you convinced? Then book your hotel at Berlin Breitscheidplatz now to secure the best prices!