22. June 2023

Historical Kudamm since 1886

Kurfuerstendamm Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kirche

The Kudamm – Berlins historic and notorious boulevard

The hotel is located just 100 metres from Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm (Ku’damm for short) and thus offers an ideal location: you can reach the famous boulevard in just a minute’s walk, but still sleep in peace on the beautiful Los-Angeles-Platz.

The history of the Kurfürstendamm

The accommodation at the hotel in Berlin is a great opportunity to explore this famous location in the capital city. Today, the Kurfürstendamm is known for its many luxury shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is the main shopping street in the Charlottenburg district and one of the most well-known and significant streets in Berlin. However, before it became a bustling shopping mile, there is a lot of history associated with it:

Connection road “Dammweg” from 1542

The predecessor street of Kurfürstendamm was the so-called Dammweg, which was established in 1542. It was intended to connect the Berlin City Palace and the Grunewald Hunting Lodge in the western part of the city. Personalities such as Elector Joachim II used the Dammweg as a riding path. Old maps from 1685 depict this connecting road. Approximately 100 years later, the name “Churfürsten Damm” officially appeared.

Expansion of the road as of 1882

In the 19th century, Berlin experienced significant growth, and under Otto von Bismarck, the Kurfürstendamm Society was established. Its goal since 1882 was to expand the street to a width of over 50 meters. Just four years later, the magnificent boulevard Kurfürstendamm was completed. Therefore, the official birthday of the street is May 5, 1886. A steam tram line was also opened on the boulevard, connecting the Zoologischer Garten and Halensee stations.

An urban centre

The Kurfürstendamm quickly became a rival to the prestigious boulevard Unter den Linden in the heart of the city. More and more shopping and entertainment venues, as well as cafes, settled along the Kurfürstendamm. The Lunapark, an amusement park in Halensee that opened its doors from 1909 to 1933, also attracted visitors to the Kurfürstendamm. The artistic bohemian scene gathered at Café Kranzler, and soon the street became a symbol of cultural awakening.

Second World War

The once vibrant street was heavily damaged during World War II. Ruins, such as the partially destroyed Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche, were ubiquitous. Today, not much of that devastation is visible, but the church’s tower was left as a memorial in its semi-collapsed state. Guests staying in a hotel on Kurfürstendamm can reach this important Berlin landmark in just a few minutes.

Gedächtniskirche Berlin

Economic Miracle at the Kudamm

After the war, Berlin was cleaned up and gradually rebuilt. The Kurfürstendamm served as the “Shop Window of the West” and became a significant symbol of West Germany’s economic miracle. The prosperity led to the boulevard becoming one of the key business centers in Berlin.

By the way: If you are staying in a hotel on Kurfürstendamm, you should watch the excellent series “Kudamm 56”!

Demonstrations and the Fall of the Wall

The Berlin Kurfürstendamm was not only a witness to economic prosperity and the construction of new buildings, but it also witnessed important social events. Due to its size, the boulevard is well-suited for demonstrations. For instance, a large demonstration against the Vietnam War took place here in 1968. In 1979, the first Christopher Street Day (Pride Parade) in Berlin was held on the Kurfürstendamm, and a decade later, the Love Parade marched through the boulevard. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, many people flocked to this iconic street to celebrate.

FAQ – Questions?

How to get to the Kudamm?

To get to the Kurfürstendamm (Kudamm), you have several transportation options depending on your starting point:

By public transportation:

Take the S-Bahn or U-Bahn to the Zoologischer Garten station (also known as Bahnhof Zoo). The Kurfürstendamm is just a short walk from the station.
Alternatively, you can take buses or trams that have stops along or near the Kurfürstendamm. Check the local transportation schedules and routes for the most convenient option.

By car:

If you're driving, you can reach the Kurfürstendamm via the A100 motorway. Take the Kurfürstendamm exit and follow the signs to the boulevard. Keep in mind that parking can be limited and expensive in this area.

How long do I walk?

3 Minutes

Shopping mile and starting point

Today, Kurfürstendamm with its many hotels, cafes, shops, and cinemas is one of the most popular streets in Berlin. More and more large stores and luxury shops are settling here, making Kudamm one of the exclusive areas of the city. It’s a place to see and be seen. Events like vintage car exhibitions, the Festival of Lights, and activities at the popular shopping center Bikini Berlin attract visitors from all over the city.

With your hotel in Berlin Charlottenburg directly on Kurfürstendamm, you have made an excellent choice. Enjoy the best location close to the historic street and attractions such as KaDeWe, Breitscheidplatz, Gedächtniskirche, Zoo, and Tiergarten. And make sure to allocate enough time to stroll along Kurfürstendamm!

The pre-opening team is available to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.