21. June 2023

Congress Fund Berlin

Kongressfonds Berlin

Financial support for events by visitberlin

Great news for those planning an event in Berlin: The Berlin Tourism Office, visitberlin, aims to promote the event and conference business in the capital to become more competitive. As part of this initiative, the office will provide financial support ranging from 20 to 70 euros per participating person towards the event costs. Read on to learn all the important details about this initiative!

The new Congress Fund Berlin

The visitberlin Berlin Tourism & Congress GmbH has launched the Congress Fund initiative for the state of Berlin, which aims to provide support for event and conference planners. The project is financed through the European Regional Development Fund and the state of Berlin.

Through the fund, organizers gain long-term planning security, as they can rely on financial support and coverage of up to 80% of the funding amount for cancellation costs. Applications are open for events until December 31, 2023.


Participation requirements

Those planning an event in a hotel or a similar venue in Berlin can apply for funding from the Congress Fund Berlin. To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The event must take place on or before December 31.
  • The event must have a business background and target a professional audience (conference, congress, seminar, or professional training for volunteers).
  • The event must be held in a paid event space within the state of Berlin.
  • The event must have a minimum of 50 in-person participants (excluding staff and speakers).
  • The event must offer a minimum of 4 full-time hours of programming per congress day. It can last for one or multiple days.

Funding amount

The amount of funding for events in a Berlin hotel or other locations in the state of Berlin is set at €25 per in-person participant per day as part of the base funding. For hybrid events that take place both in-person and online, there is an additional €10 per in-person participant per day.

Furthermore, visitberlin offers supplementary funding in the field of sustainability. An additional €25 per in-person participant per day can be expected, provided that the event reaches a minimum of 300 points from the four categories of the Sustainable Event Scorecard. This scorecard sets various sustainability criteria such as transportation, catering, technology, and Sustainable Development Goals.

Another supplementary funding is available through the Kongressfonds Berlin starting from 2023 for decentralized events. Here, €10 per in-person participant per day is planned. For this, the event must take place simultaneously at multiple paid event venues in Berlin, and participants must be connected through online platforms and present in-person at one of the venues.

In total, up to €70 in funding per in-person participant per event day of at least 4 hours is possible.

Sustainable partners

The DoubleTree by Hilton Berlin, located near the Zoo and Kurfürstendamm, is highly likely to meet visitberlin’s sustainability requirements. As a Sustainable Partner, we are here to support you in organizing sustainable events. This gives you the best chance of receiving the additional funding of €25 per person per day for sustainable events. The registration for participation in visit berlin’s Sustainable Meetings program is currently open, and the Hotel am LA Platz is optimistic about meeting the criteria.

Organize your sustainable event in the central hotel in Berlin with us now!

Together with visitberlin, we are committed to making Berlin one of the most sustainable event destinations in the world. With our comprehensive sustainability management system, we ensure that your event is conducted in a deeply sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

By the way, through the MEET + CHANGE program, visitberlin also offers access to special meeting venues in Berlin. Additionally, the office provides valuable sustainable tips on vegan cuisine, accessibility, upcycling, and alternative city tours. Would you like to learn more about sustainable events in Berlin? Then contact us here!

Kongressfonds Berlin

FAQs – Questions?

What is the goal?

The Kongressfonds Berlin is an initiative of the state of Berlin aimed at supporting event and conference planners during challenging times.

What types of funding are available?

Base funding

25 euros per in-person participant per day

The event:

has at least 50 in-person participants and lasts at least one day (minimum of 4 hours on a congress day)

takes place in a paid event venue in the state of Berlin and is exclusively targeted at a professional audience

What is the Sustainable Event Scorecard?

The Sustainable Event Scorecard is not just a set of criteria, but rather a comprehensive guide for sustainable event planning in Berlin. Get started now!

How can I apply for funding?

It is recommended to thoroughly review the application guidelines and contact the Kongressfonds Berlin team directly for any specific inquiries or assistance during the application process.